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Tralee — the home of locally sourced abundance

Tralee, the Capital of Kerry, draws on its unique location between the award-winning Tralee Bay, miles of fertile pastures and epic mountain ranges to produce some of the most incredible locally-sourced produce in Ireland. As the largest town in Kerry, Tralee offers an abundance of choice when it comes to dining for all ages. Everything from the very best of fine dining, to vibrant family restaurants and eclectic bistro bars, Tralee truly is a foodie destination for all. Cap it all off with its highly successful Tralee Food Festival in May and the world-renowned Rose of Tralee in August, both bustling with crowds of people wanting to sample the local and international delights at the food stalls throughout the town.

The Food Coast — Donegal

Together We’re making Donegal famous for Food. Donegal has spectacular scenery and wonderful wildness, but there is so much more, because it is the food you’ll eat there and the people you’ll meet there that makes Donegal so special. From fine-dining to food festivals, from locally brewed beers to freshly caught flavourful fish, from mouth watering meats to tasty treats, Donegal has it all. As a county, we’re working together to make Donegal Famous for Food, proudly and passionately inviting visitors to discover and explore what Donegal has to offer. The extraordinary experiences that celebrate Donegal food and its champions, serves up a menu of memorable moments that visitors and locals alike, crave and cherish. www.donegalfoodcoast.ie
Taste Causeway

Taste Causeway — A Unifying Vision for Modern and Traditional Cuisine

Taste Causeway is the unifying vision for the wide array of Food and Drink Producers artisans, food tourism and hospitality in the stunning Causeway Coast & Glens. Whether rearing cattle in the lush fields, hauling fish from the stormy seas or plating fine cuisine in award-winning restaurants or serving street food in our bustling markets, we are committed to offering fresh, flavourful food, warm hospitality and an immersive experience that showcases this special place. We strive to create exceptional food and drink produce through collaboration, imagination and innovation, developing fresh takes on old traditions.

Cavan — Spectacular Dining, Stunning Scenery

Cavan has a lake for every day of the year, with a flavour to match. The county boasts stark landscapes and rolling hills to the west and low-lying wetlands in the east, offering spectacular scenery and unforgettable experiences, and Cavan's eateries reflect this stunningly diverse backdrop. Visitors to Cavan enjoy a memorable and authentic experience accentuated by excellent local produce, presented by a passionate, committed local food and drink sector. It is a county alive with variety and choice. The Cavan Food Network is now harnessing this talent and enthusiasm to further strengthen Cavan as a Food Tourism destination.

Antrim — Culinary History Along the Coast

Explore the culinary landscape that is Mid and East Antrim. Situated on the beautiful Causeway Coastal Route, our coastline and countryside is what makes this a unique foodie destination. Our foodie experiences are just as important as the produce. Guided tours, cookery demonstrations, brewery exhibits and fine dining are just some ways for our visitors to taste and enjoy the authentic and award winning produce that is on offer. Our heritage and people are what makes this foodie destination so great. The history behind the food and the traditions in their making is the reason why this exploration of flavour is not to be missed.
Donegal Town

Donegal Town — A Vibrant Foodie Destination

Donegal Town is an attractive vibrant town overlooking Donegal Bay which has a reputation of being an excellent food destination. Traditionally a Market Town with a Diamond at its centre it is easily accessible for visitors and locals to explore the abundance of shops, dining, cultural and heritage attractions, bars and entertainment suitable for all tastes and ages. Our numerous hotels, restaurants and food establishments lead the way in attracting visitors to the area. Exceptionally high standards, local produce and knowledge of what visitors and indeed the local market expect, have been key to putting Donegal Town on the map in the food space. Donegal Town is very family friendly and local eateries provide exceptional service to all who holiday in the area. The town is home to one of the top ten food festivals in Ireland ‘A TASTE OF DONEGAL FOOD FESTIVAL’

Galway — Food is at the Epicentre at the Edge of Europe

Galway & the West of Ireland on the shores of the Atlantic is uniquely nestled at the very edge of Europe. From our ripe land & rich marine life, Galway provides high quality produce to feed ten times its population. In 2018, Galway was designated as a European Region of Gastronomy @gastronomy2018, reflecting over 30 years of dedicated work by our food community. We boast over 12,000 farms, 689km of coastline, 52 islands and over 350 restaurants. Food is at the epicentre of our daily lives. In 2019, Food continues to renew our rural communities. Just launched the ‘Discover Galway Food Experiences’, pilots 40 food experiences East of Galway City, partnering with farmers, producers and restauranteurs. Enhancing Fáilte Irelands Taste the Island in our Hidden Heartlands, you will get right to the source of our incredible food. In 2019, we commence construction on the BIA Innovator Campus, a new regional food hub. Smell, taste, see innovation in ‘Feeding our Future’ happening right now in Galway 2019!

Waterford — The Culinary Community Celebrating Food History

Here in Waterford is a community who work together to show off our food & drink to all. The Waterford Greenway has helped to show off our lovely county from the Comeragh Mountains, across the fertile soils and down to the sea. We’ve a history in food here. The oldest city in Ireland, a key port in the import of wine, tea, coffee &outside influences that brought us the Blaa amongst other things. Today the chefs and producers of Waterford continue to use produce from their neighbours in ever more exciting ways, bringing great food & drink experiences for all. foodthewaterfordway.com

Monaghan — A Stand Out Destination for Intrepid Foodies

Monaghan has so much to offer the local diner or the intrepid visitor with a fantastic array of culinary options from our award-winning cafes, bistros, hotels & restaurants with a tremendous mix of Asian, Indian & Mexican cuisine to Gastro & Mediterranean with some wonderfully innovative menus! What makes Monaghan stand out? The food, the producers, the restaurants, cafes, hoteliers and the Céad Mile Fáilte of course! Neatly nestled in the Drumlin belt, Monaghans lush green fields are a welcome retreat along the road less travelled and is home to world famous local producers from Silverhill Duck to Monaghan Mushrooms, Mallons pork, Greenfield Eggs, poultry, beef and much much more….. Vote Monaghan as your Top Food Destination in 2019!